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Infrastructure Engineering – Software Development – Monitoring, Metrics, and Observability

Collaborative, enthusiastic DevOps Engineer offers 2 years of experience developing secure and scalable applications using open-source technologies and solving development and security challenges in infrastructure design. Architects and builds applications using cybersecurity principles and experience with application, network, and infrastructure security. Develops and implements automation processes to improve efficiency and proactively detect bugs and issues while streamlining workflows utilizing Kanban and Jira to plan projects and identify opportunities for improvement. Collaborates with cross-functional teams to implement process improvements and achieve project goals and milestones.

Key Competencies & Skills:

JavaScript • Node.js • React • Vue • Bash • Kubernetes • Docker • Amazon Web Services (AWS) • HTML • CSS • Terraform • ServiceNow • Splunk • Catchpoint • Prometheus • Grafana • Elastic Stack • Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana (ELK) Stack • InfluxDB • Fluentd • • Cypress • Gitlab • Jira • Linux • Ruby • Ruby on Rails Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) • Infrastructure as Code • Observability as Code • Network Security • Source Code Management • Configuration Management • Networking • Software Development • IT service management • Application development • Software Testing • Test Driven Development • Kanban Methodology • Project Planning • Roadmapping • Documentation • Process Improvement • Team Work • Cross-Functional Collaboration • Event Management • Fundraising • Marketing • Social Media Management • Content Management • Copywriting • Google Analytics • Wix


Nike, Portland, OR 03/21 – Present

Site Reliability Engineer: Supports frontend engineering teams by enhancing observability, security, performance, and availability

Increased monitoring and observability which improved mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to respond (MTTR)

  • Implemented Distributed Tracing on services while also writing documentation and teaching the engineering team how to utilize it.
  • Instrumented and contributed to Observability as Code using Terraform, SignalFx, and Catchpoint
  • Built a synthetic test suite to proactively find issues in services before they are reported by users
  • Built custom Splunk dashboards and queries to identify the root cause of issues and provide new tools for engineering teams to monitor their services.

Evolved the Embedded SRE model with engineering teams which improved communication, team building, and resilience.

  • Worked with Project Manager of individual teams to incorporate SRE into their sprints, SCRUM rituals, and planning.
  • Routinely presented and reported metrics and analytics to engineering teams to drive reliability key performance indicators.
  • Lead meetings to create better understanding around SRE while actively listening to engineering teams to prioritize and create new projects that will improve upon reliability.

Actively worked to improve the community and develop innovation within the SRE and Engineering communities

  • Created and led an internal Meetup and community of practice around SRE to bring together members of the community to share ideas, build relationships, problem solve, and innovate.
  • Contributed to the Nike Engineering Forum and worked with a team of volunteers to ensure the success of the speakers and the event.

Tilig Password Manager, San Francisco, CA (Remote) - 03/20–01/21

Software Engineer: Developed and maintained security applications and features on cloud-based infrastructure.

Increased build times by 90% for backend API and improved security scanning by developing new CI/CD pipeline

  • Built Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instance on Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) to host custom GitLab runner and perform parallel builds on rulesets
  • Designed Kubernetes helper to securely handle AWS Auth and communication, and dynamically create deployment and service files with templates
  • Streamlined monorepo into microservices by configuring individual Continuous Integration (CI) pipelines

Rebuilt legacy metrics, logging infrastructure, and webapp to adapt to current project structure

  • Programmed services in Kubernetes cluster, set Prometheus deployment to scrape metrics endpoints, and built Grafana dashboards to visualize scraped data
  • Configured application programming interface (API) logging using Fluentd, Elastic Stack, and
  • Implemented InfluxDB for long term data storage

Improved security, stability, and development efficiency by converting backend API from Node to Ruby on Rails

  • Performed functional analysis of Node API and developed project roadmap using Gitlab Issues and Kanban board
  • Implemented replacement of Node.js with Ruby on Rails backed incrementally for zero downtime
  • Ensured functionality, code quality, stability and developer experiences met KPIs using Rspec and Capybara

Tuft & Needle, Phoenix, AZ (Remote) - 03/20–05/20

Quality Engineering Intern: Developed process improvements focused on enhancing network security. Collaborated with cross-functional teams to perform manual and automated testing on new features.

Performed security scan and penetration test of company eCommerce platform to assess vulnerabilities

  • Built scanner with Ruby that checked dependencies listed in vulnerability report
  • Added capabilities to do in-depth checks for other vulnerabilities and penetration testing on APIs and webapp
  • Documented and presented findings of potential vulnerable dependencies, issue reproduction, and recommendations for remediation

Implemented full test coverage of 3 brand websites through build of end-to-end tests using Cypress

  • Performed needs analysis to determine tests to be built and developed project roadmap on Jira
  • Built automated tests using JavaScript and Cypress to test desired functionality and user flow
  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams for feedback and to continuously develop new features and bug fixes

Improved process efficiency via pioneering documentation of standard development environment

  • Performed reverse engineering of environment built on custom bash scripts and docker to understand process
  • Collaborated with other interns to recreate environment and diagnose issues
  • Authored and presented documentation of development environment for company use

Aleatory Books, Portland, OR - 12/17–01/20

Owner: Curated focused selection of new, used, and rare books. Administered overall operations including bookkeeping, social media management, marketing, and promotions.

Optimized customer service and outreach by building eCommerce website with fully integrated services

  • Designed wireframe layout for complete site and built it using HTML and CSS on Wix
  • Implemented integrated payment and marketing services
  • Maintained and updated website as needed

Established global following of 5,000 people using brand management and marketing strategies

  • Authored and curated guest content across variety of visual media
  • Organized weekly content management and social media schedule
  • Collaborated with organizations to increase community reach through project partnerships

Organized sold-out fundraising event for local charity using social media and grassroots marketing strategy

  • Developed concept plan for event detailing scope, schedule, goals, and budget
  • Collaborated with local writers, artists, and musicians to showcase their work at event
  • Coordinated volunteers in end-to-end event management from setup to teardown

Other Employment Experience

The New Centre for Research and Practice, Seattle, WA - Editor - 2018-2019

  • Curated and copyedited weekly publications for editorial TripleAmpersand.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Portland, OR & Seattle, WA - Account Manager and Coffee Educator - 2015-2019

  • Developed wholesale business solutions and nationwide staff training programs.

Ned Ludd, Portland, OR - Head of Baking and Pastry - 2014-2015

  • Developed bread and pastry program. Oversaw production of breads, dessert menu items, and event orders.

Restaurant Noma, Copenhagen, Denmark - Nordic Gastronomy Certificate - 2013

  • Completed food laboratory program at Nordic Food Lab and internship at Michelin-star restaurant.


Epicodus - Certificate in Web and Mobile Development - Ruby on Rails and React.js

October 2019 – May 2020
  • Independently completed over 1000 hours of class time, 17 weekly projects that passed code review from instructors, and 2 group projects.